Active Shooter Planning

It's been decades since this country lost a child in a school fire.  Why do you think that is?  Every state in this country requires scheduled fire drills, some as frequently as every month.  Because our education system has an established plan, and chooses to practice that plan often, we have created an environment of increased safety and awareness.  The same should be said for your business.  The more established and practiced a plan is, the better it works.  Because of the increase in violent acts committed in this country with firearms, why would anyone chose not to have a plan in place?

The thought of an active shooter incident occurring at your business is very frightening.  You and your employees have the option to be better prepared, and steps ahead of anyone seeking to commit such a horrible and senseless act. 

At Signal Zero, we can help you develop and implement a plan, along with appropriate training for you and your staff.  Let our team of experts show you the difference between knowing what you would do, and preparing and aligning all of your staff's views on an active shooter incident.

Simply having a plan could mean the difference between life and death.

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