Service of Civil Process

Moving a court case forward can sometimes be very tricky, specially if a party in the case is avoiding being served.  People are more cautious these days.  We don't answer the phone for numbers we don't know, and we don't open the door for people we don't recognize.  That is why hiring a professional process server is critical in progressing your legal case forward.  We have years of experience in locating and legally serving individuals and specialize in persons who are hard to find and who may be purposefully avoiding the process.   


What can we help you with?

  • Subpoenas

  • Summons

  • Writs

  • Letters from a Law Office

  • Foreign Document Domestications

  • Court Document Retrieval

At Signal Zero, we can help you identify, locate and legally serve the individuals you are looking for.

Our expert team of civil process servers are available 24/7 to assist you.  We train our staff extensively on the laws and rules surrounding civil process so you can rest easy knowing that your papers are in the hands of professionals.  

Need a court document pulled?  We offer court document retrieval services in North Carolina and Virginia.  We understand the legal system can sometimes be challenging but we have a comprehensive knowledge if its inner workings.  We strive to provide you with quick and efficient results, every time.

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