Threat Assessments

Threat Assessment and Management are a crucial tool for any business, celebrity, corporate executive, or dignitary.  Knowing where you are vulnerable, and how likely a situation is to occur are important and valuable pieces of intellignece. 

No matter where you are in the world today, threats exist.  These threats can be anything from an angry employee, a spurned lover or larger global concerns such as terrorism.  Knowing a threat exists is only the first step in ensuring your safety.  The second step is assessing the actual risk of that threat.  At Signal Zero we incorporate threat assessment into every job that we perform. 


We also offer threat assessment as a separate service, because sometimes knowing whether a threat exists or not is all that you need.


Our threat assessment services comprise strategies and pathways used to determine the credibility and seriousness of a potential threat and should be considered a violence prevention act that involves

a) identifying any threats to commit a violent act

b) determining the seriousness of that threat

c) developing intervention plans that protect potential victims and address underlying problem that are stimulated by the threatening behavior.


Our service is flexible enough to include as much or as little as your situation needs.  It can include background checks, on the ground analysis and much more.

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